I was born in November 2nd 1984 in Nitra, little-big country Slovakia, Central Europe. My civil name is Martina Begerova. I’ve felt as an artistic type of personality since my childhood.

However, as it used to be in a many other life stories, Master Degree and Postgraduate studies at University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra – Marketing communication and advertising did not bring my inner satisfaction. I Worked in marketing segment for 8 years at solid position. But it was too empty, not enough for my soul.

Since July 2020 I’ve started to be fully focused on Me. The painting became my tool to know myself and express all emotions untold yet. I it really worked. The quality of my life started growing rapidly from the perception point of view.

After few months I decided to make my dream true and organized my first solo exhibition. It boosted my desire to continue so much. I will never forget all the emotions about that lovely September evening in the garden with old trees in Old Town in Bratislava.

Nowadays, I still live in city center and spend my time in my studio mostly. The list of my exhibitions has grown a lot and I keep on being open widely with new synergies. All the time I keep on my mind that my personality is one of the wonderful tools of God. All my artworks come from the Real world which is totally out of our imagination and “the reality we do live”.

I find my visual language full of sophisticated symbols. I am a lot into Carl Gustave Jung. His focus on soul, subconsciousness and dreams impress me a lot. My paintings usually bring a hidden spiritual message influenced by Jung. Probably. I have no clue about chaos around the existence. Everything (where we are pointing our attention) is mirroring us at the end of the day.

From the technical point of view, I usually paint on canvas with acrylics, oils, markers, sprays. Generally, I do not care about sorting my artworks under some pre-defined style. I call it “begerism” and I am not willing to have a conversation what style it might be. I rather have a deep dialogue about the life after life with you.

My vision is to remind my clients their personal individual life journey through my artworks, to break all rules and programs, to get inspired for creating the own world, because all of us – we are the artist creating this world.

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